Amazing Race

This is a curriculum that can be used for camps, VBS, special services or a one day event. Your kids will meet our friends Bert & Veronica who are running The Amazing Race, visiting countries all around the world & discovering how to Run The Race God has set before them.

Our team has prepared a number of different services, each one with a theme and a specific country that the children will “visit”. It is our desire that children learn through song, game, scripture (key verse Heb 12:1&2), object lesson, Bible lesson and personal application. Here is a sample of a typical service:

Country Mexico
Theme – Cast off (Heb 12:1&2)

  1. Greeting & Welcome
  2. Fast Praise Song
  3. Theme Song – Run with Me
  4. Country Intro
  5. Game – Piñata
  6. Bert & Veronica – Race Video
  7. Testimony
  8. Bible Verse Game – Unscramble
  9. Bible Story – David & Goliath
  10. Review Game – TFX THE GAME
  11. Song – Everything (kidmo)
  12. Object Lesson – The Unload
  13. Life Application – The Unload Explained
  14. Call – what do you need to “unload”
  15. Altar & Worship

This particular lesson teaches children that God can deliver them form sin, habits & hurts that hinder their personal walk with Jesus. Our Bible story of David & Goliath focuses on the garments the king asked David to wear, in our piñata game the children will see that we can easily be deceived by the look of something, finally in our object lesson & life application the children will meet someone who needs to get ride of some of the things that are “easily entangling & hindering them”, they will then be given an opportunity to “Unload” some of those very things from their own lives.

Other Themes
Other themes explored in this program include the following.

  • Trust God
  • Fix Your Eyes on Jesus
  • The Boomerang Effect
  • No Neutral Ground
  • Holy Spirit (3rd Person of the Trinity)
  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Our team has been very excited to have ministered these messages at Camps, VBSs & One day events. Each service is typically 1 ½ to 2 hours long. It has proven to be an exciting and fun filled time for the children and leaders a like, as we learn together that we are to Run the Race and be an effective witness for Jesus Christ.